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Utah wild - Desert Rocks
Desert Rocks Music Festival
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-24
Moab, Utah
Desert Rock Music Festival

Hotel Packages

Hotel Packages

Desert Rocks has teamed up with several of the local Moab hotels to create money saving ticket/hotel packages. If you decide to stay in a hotel you will be able to catch the Desert Rocks shuttle bus to head out to the festival. Shuttle schedule and pick up/drop off locations will be posted 2 weeks prior to festival.


Package prices vary from hotel to hotel. Up to 4, $75 4-Day festival passes can be purchased per room on request. At least 1, 4-Day festival pass must be purchased per room.


If you are interested in purchasing a Desert Rocks Hotel Package please e-mail or call 801-654-2837 and include the following information:

- The hotel package you are interested in.

- The number of nights and corresponding dates you'd like to reserve.

- The number of 4-Day festival passes you would like (up to 4 per room).


Once you send your e-mail our Hotel Package Coordinator will contact you to assist you through the booking process.


Archway Inn Package- Includes 1 $75 4-Day festival pass + 92.00 per night

       Available Rooms (Must Purchase before before May 15th):

       7 with 2 Queen Beds

       2 Handicap with 1 King Bed

       1 with 1 King Bed


Riverside Package- Includes 1 $75 4-Day festival pass, see Available Rooms for room prices

       Available Rooms (Must Purchase before May 15th):

       5 with 2 Queen Beds $153 per night

       5 with 1 King Bed $141 per night


Big Horn Lodge Package- Includes 1 $75 4-Day festival pass + $101 per night

       Available Rooms (Must Purchase before May 15th):

       10 with 2 Queen Beds




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