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Utah wild - Desert Rocks
Desert Rocks Music Festival
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-24
Moab, Utah
Desert Rock Music Festival

General Info

Rain or Shine

Desert Rocks is a Rain or Shine festival, in fact we at Desert Rocks feel that it is a blessing when the clouds shed tears, a natural shower to free us all from the desert heat.


Treat people and your environment with respect. Lookout for all your fellow music loving campers. No dogs allowed (Strictly Enforced). No glass in festival site (except for Moab Brewery Growlers). No on site camping w/o a music festival wristband. No Fires. No Weapons. No Fireworks. No Drugs Allowed. No unauthorized vending. No amplified music or generators in the campground. No Mean People. No Filming. No leaving your campsite a mess, leave no trace! Trash receptacles and recycle bins will be on site, so please find them and use them!

Camping is free with the purchase of a 2-day, 3-day, or 4 day festival pass. Camping is also first come first serve, so get there early. Onsite camping for the 2008 festival may fill up in which case you will need to camp elsewhere, in this scenario your weekend pass will still be valid upon re-entry so long as it is not broken or damaged. Folks wearing BROKEN --WRISTBANDS will not be admitted under any circumstance.
-  Motor homes are welcome, but the terrain is rough, so please drive slowly and carefully. There are NO hook-ups on site.
-  Desert Rocks is a four-day, four night camping festival in the middle of the desert. As such it is important for "YOU," the festival goers, to be prepared for desert camping.
-  Below is a list of items that you should bring with you on your trip:
Tent (no holes and a working zipper), Tarp, Sleeping Bags, Raingear, Extra pair Shoes/Socks, Bug Spray, Blanket/pad/lawn chairs, Sunscreen, Hat for shade, Sunglasses, Umbrella for Shade, Water Container, personal mister, Towel, Swim Suit, Trash Bags, Extra Toilet paper (just in case), Lantern/Flashlight with extra batteries, Flag to identify campsite, Hand Sanitizer, Small Luggage lock for your tent (please don't bring valuables), Earplugs, Pen and Paper for the many friends, memories, and setlists, extra set of keys, Vehicle Key code (to duplicate your lost key), small first aid kit. If you forget any items there will be a onsite store to help you with your needs.
-  Please remember that the Desert contains various critters including snakes, lizards, fire ants, etc... The property owners have done their best to relocate these critters off of the property however to ensure your safety we ask that you please sleep in a tent, vehicle, or enclosable area. If you are sleeping in a tent please make sure that you keep your tent zipped up at all times to prevent a critter from sneaking in and snuggling up with you.



The 2009 Desert Rocks Music Festival will have a beer garden. When you arrive at the festival your ID will be checked and you will be given a seperate wristband that will allow you access to the beer garden.

Moab Brewery one of our favorite sponsors is offering discounted growlers and growler re-fills to all festival attenedees. Just flash your wristband and you will recieve the Desert Rocks Discount! Growlers are priced at $4 and fills are $6. So that means your first growler will cost you $10, but every refill after that is just $6. Thats a pretty sweet deal for a 1/2 gallon of Utah's finest. Growlers are the only glass form Desert Rocks will allow on the premise, however these items are still banned within the actual concert arena.

Water bottles will be sold on-site, also there will be an abundance of drinkable/potable water available to you free if you have a container to use.



Hot showers will be available for $5.

There will be ample porta potties located at various site throughout the festival grounds. A handicap accessible porta pottie will be onsite. There will also be a "Men’s Room" porta pottie as well which includes 5 urinals to help keep porta pottie lines to a minimum. Hand Sanitizer and toilet paper will be provided however we encourage you to bring an extra roll and hand sanitizer just in case.

The Desert is a harsh environment that includes high day temperatures, low night temperatures, Cactus, Cliffs, Loose Sharp Rocks, Critters (Snakes, Lizards, Insects, Coyote's, etc...), Storms, Flash Floods, etc... To avoid injury and to have a fun, safe, exciting festival experience we advise you to read these tips:

Stay Hydrated. Watch where you are stepping, sitting, and reaching, Desert Critters like to hide under rocks, in crevices, in bushes/broken branches, and burrows. Cactus can grow anywhere there is sand so watch your step. If you see yellow caution tape or orange safety fence there is likely a cliff or other hazard, please avoid these areas. Please keep a flashlight with you at night and be aware of your surroundings. Please do not throw rocks off cliffs as there may be people below, also if you are under a cliff be alert for falling rocks. Please no fires, the desert is very dry and gusty and fires are easily spread. Do not camp under cliffs or in Riverbeds as falling rocks and flash floods are very dangerous.

There will be a safety team, first aid tent, and staffed EMTs/medics onsite in case anyone is hurt. If you or someone you know is hurt please notify a safety team member and head to the first aid tent. For serious emergencies a life flight/ambulance will be called.

Parking is free with the purchase of a festival pass. Parking is also first come first serve, so get there early. There will be a long term parking for those who intend to stay for the duration of the festival, short term parking will be available for locals and those who are coming and going regularly. Excess parking will be available alongside a nearby road 0.1 miles from the festival gate.

Children under 12 are free, and family camping is available. Parents will be responsible for their children at all times during the festival. Each child will be required to wear an information wristband in case they are separated from their parents. There will be an area for kids to play that will be shaded and include various safe toys.

If you have any furthur questions please contact us.

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